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5 Things Every Car Owner Should Know

There’s a lot that goes into owning a car. From the paint job to the insurance for your tyres, there is just as much to consider about how to maintain your car than there was when you were deciding on what car to buy. Whether you’ve just bought first car or simply a new car, these are some things you should to maintain your baby as a proud new car owner:insurance doesn’t? And is it worth the money in the long run? woman smiling with car keys
  1. Read the owners manual.

    While not the most exciting read, your car’s owner’s manual is full of very important information on how to get the most out of your vehicle like the ideal tyre pressure and the type of fuel your car would best run on. Most notably, it includes a maintenance schedule. This handy guide should help you to stay on track with your car’s maintenance and help you to budget for the procedure your car might need that month.
  1. Replace parts on a regular basis.

    Things like your brakes and windshield wipers need to be replaced fairly regularly. If you notice parts of your car aren’t doing as well as they usually do, take it to your insurance-approved mechanic as soon as possible. Whether it’s a strange smell wafting from your AC or your brake pedal is vibrating violently, get these things checked out immediately. The costs of these replacement part are typically covered by a manufacture’s service plan, which you may have bought when you bought your car. If you don’t have a service plan, it’s not too late to buy one and have your car covered for replacement parts for the next few years (or for the next few thousand kilometres).
  1. Protect your paint job.

    Regular car washes do more than give you that fresh feeling; they also help to protect the integrity of your car’s paint work. By protecting the paint sealer from the corrosive damage caused by dirt and debris, the paint sealer can do a better job of protecting the body of your car from rust and corrosion. It’s like a tune-up for the outside of your car.
  1. Check your tyres regularly.

    Your wheels are on the front lines where road hazards are concerned. They take the knocks from potholes, speed bumps and all sorts of debris. This should be reason enough to pay your tyres a little extra attention. If you need another incentive, just look at tyre prices these days. So, have your tyre pressure checked whenever you fill up at a petrol station, and invest some time into rotating your tyres regularly, having the wheel alignment checked, and other good tyre maintenance
  1. Look into your car insurance options.

    Whether you’re a first time driver or just a new car owner, car insurance is a must! The only way you can be sure you’re getting the best car insurance is by shopping around, gathering car insurance quotes, and picking a policy that best suits you. Don’t cut corners with this step. As attractive as cheap car insurance quotes may seem, it’s important to get the facts on what your car insurance should cover.

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