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All about All Things Motor

All Things Motor is all about what keeps you on the road. This website is geared toward helping you avoid those awkward conversations at police roadblocks, buying your dream car, and keeping it looking just like the day it rolled off the showroom floor. Consider us the one-stop shop for car quotes, benefits, and budgeting tools, providing real value for South African motorists.

Get real value insurance at the right price

We understand that your car is more than the sum of its parts. That’s why we go the extra mile. With All Things Motor, you can do more than just find and compare car quotes for free. Whether you’re looking to make major repairs after a big accident or cover those regular car maintenance necessities, we make sure you, your car and your budget are covered!

Get more with tools and benefits galore

Our website also offers a variety of free online budgeting tools that allow you – among other things – to check for unpaid traffic fines and calculate car instalments before investing in a new car. What’s more, we offer a long list of free subscriber benefits, including petrol fuel rewards, discounts on car washes, check your credit score, and more.

Our Promise

Our Promise

Our goal is to help you enjoy everything about your car. As such, we partner with some of South Africa’s top car insurance providers to ensure you find the best online quotes for – well – all things motor.

But there’s more to owning a car than keeping it insured. There are the late fees on traffic fines, the hours spent in queues at your local licensing department, and the monthly financial pinch of skyrocketing petrol prices. All Things Motor is your ticket to cutting costs, skipping queues and keeping you focused on the journey, rather than on the admin weighing you down.

All Things Motor works to give you all the tips, tricks and tools to keep your car in its best condition and give you the ride of your life!

Our Trusted Partners

Our Trusted Partners