Secure Your Vehicle’s Future with PMD Car Insurance


As a responsible car owner, ensuring the protection of your vehicle against unforeseen circumstances is a crucial decision. While accidents, theft, and natural disasters are beyond our control, having comprehensive car insurance can provide the much-needed peace of mind. Prime Meridian Direct (PMD) offers a range of car insurance options that cater to different needs … Read more

When is an oil leak serious?

If you’re reading this, then you’ve probably spotted a dark mark under your car and are wondering if you can get away with ignoring the potential of a leak and for how long. Unfortunately, leaks don’t fix themselves, and even if not immediately serious, they can only worsen with time, not improve. But not all … Read more

What to do if your car overheats

A sudden screaming temperature warning light or smoke billowing out of the hood is the last thing any driver wants. An overheating car isn’t something you can ignore, unless you’re prepared to deal with serious damage or complete breakdown. There are many reasons why an engine may be overheating – a cooling system leak, faulty thermostat, … Read more

Motor Warranty vs Service Plan

Motor Warranty vs Service Plan Caring for your car is one of the most important things you can do to save yourself money. Regular maintenance has so many benefits – it makes your car safer, saves you money, can increase your fuel efficiency and keeps your car’s value high. But how do you know if … Read more

What Does Car Exhaust Smoke Mean?

Black smoke jets out of the exhaust pipe of a white pickup truck as it drives down the highway. Black, blue, grey or white exhaust smoke can indicate engine problems, but these can be repaired affordably when the driver has a vehicle service plan and motor warranty.

Ever found yourself driving in the midst of a haze and realising it has nothing to do with the weather? During your everyday driving, there shouldn’t be any smoke coming from your car’s tailpipe. But where there’s smoke there’s the potential for a breakdown or at least signs of wear and tear in the engine … Read more

Why Did No One Tell South African Motorists They Qualify for these Insurance Savings

Why Did No One Tell South African Motorists They Qualify For These Insurance Savings Author: Philip Adams Tuesday 12 January, 2021 | Advertorial South African drivers are feeling the financial pinch and not enough people have been alerted to these simple suggestions that will help them reduce vehicle expenses and save hundred of Rands every … Read more

How Are Car Insurance Quotes Calculated?

A young, African couple is working out how to fit their affordable monthly car insurance premium into their budget. By understanding what factors influence how their monthly premium is calculated, they can save thousands of Rands on car insurance.

When days are dark and funds are few, you may wonder if your car insurance is still right for you. Whether you’re looking around for car insurance quotes or just wanting to negotiate lower premiums, maybe consider how your current insurance provider is calculating your monthly premium. Some of these factors might surprise you. What … Read more