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Embracing the Road Ahead: The Benefits of Car Insurance in 2024

As we steer into January 2024, it’s an ideal time to reflect on the significance of car insurance in our lives as South Africans. With the ever-evolving automotive landscape, the new year brings fresh opportunities to safeguard our journeys. Here’s why having car insurance in 2024 is more important than ever. Enhanced Protection Against UncertaintiesThe … Read more

Secure Your Vehicle’s Future with PMD Car Insurance


As a responsible car owner, ensuring the protection of your vehicle against unforeseen circumstances is a crucial decision. While accidents, theft, and natural disasters are beyond our control, having comprehensive car insurance can provide the much-needed peace of mind. Prime Meridian Direct (PMD) offers a range of car insurance options that cater to different needs … Read more

How Are Car Insurance Quotes Calculated?

A young, African couple is working out how to fit their affordable monthly car insurance premium into their budget. By understanding what factors influence how their monthly premium is calculated, they can save thousands of Rands on car insurance.

When days are dark and funds are few, you may wonder if your car insurance is still right for you. Whether you’re looking around for car insurance quotes or just wanting to negotiate lower premiums, maybe consider how your current insurance provider is calculating your monthly premium. Some of these factors might surprise you. What … Read more

Car Insurance For Old Cars

A teal Volkswagen Beetle parked on a Cape Town street. This old car is kept in excellent vintage condition with comprehensive car insurance.

Vintage is the new black. You’ve managed to maintain your car (or maybe even your dad’s ride) for a very long time. The one downside to your vintage ride, however, is that replacement parts and touch-up paint (among other things) becomes incredibly scarce. This can become a real concern when you need your car insurance … Read more

How Vehicle Tracking Can Help You Save On Car Insurance

An expensive red sports car is easier to cover under car insurance if it includes a car tracker or vehicle tracking device.

There are a number of factors that add up to cheap car insurance. However, there is often one variable that many people forget to slot into the old car insurance calculator. This is the one thing that is almost always guaranteed to lower your monthly car insurance premium. It’s the best kept secret of auto … Read more

Car Insurance Quote Calculator

An African man sits at his laptop and smiles, knowing he has just found the best car insurance policy quote for his lifestyle.

There’s a lot to consider when taking out car insurance. How much of the repairs will your insurer cover in the aftermath of a motor accident? Is your insurance policy comprehensive enough to cover minor repairs like dents and scratches left by hail stones or runaway trolleys? But at the end of the day, you … Read more